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10 2000's R&B Anthems w/ Dramatic Piano Intros to Ease Your Feelings Into (ONTD Original)

People argue r&b was at its peak either in the 70's, 90's, or even the 2000's, but the truth is like any genre, it's ever changing. 2000's radio were full of piano r&b hits about break-ups, loyalty, or not being able to move on. Here are some songs that might have gotten you in your feelings for no reason at all.

1. Be Without You - Mary J Blige (2005)

This is one of Mary's highest charting song on the Hot 100. Y'all probably remember her blue tinted face on those Myspace ads for her album The Breakthrough. Snatch us with that run:

2. Circle - Marques Houston (2007)

Sister Sister actor/former group member of Immature/Jehovah's Witness Marques Houston showed us how much he grew up with this one. He gave us dramatic gestures, choreo, and fancy footwork in the vid.

3. Ride For You - Danity Kane (2006)

OG Fifth Harmony aka Danity Kane had some bops in the day (shoutout to Sucka for Love). They released this after their debut Show Stopper, but didn't gain much success with other releases other than Damaged.

7 more underCollapse )

I'm waiting for these songs to be sampled in the near future to make us feel extra old.

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Tags: list, mariah carey, music / musician (pop), music / musician (r&b and soul), ontd original
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