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DJ Envy Confronts Desus & Mero, Walks Out Of Interview Over 'Wife' Joke

  • Viceland late night TV show hosts Desus & Mero stopped by popular morning show The Breakfast Club for a fun interview.

  • The interview immediately went left when DJ Envy decided to confront the two hosts over a segment on their show from a few weeks ago when DJ Envy made an appearance on the talk show The Real to talk about his affair with Love & Hip Hop Instathot Erica Mena and how he and his wife saved their marriage.

  • In the segment, Envy's wife says "I didn't know DJ Envy, I knew Rashad (his real name)".

  • Desus cuts in and says "But I bet you knew DJ Envy's checks."

  • Cut to the interview this morning when Envy confronted Desus & Mero over the comments stating he didn't care if the two men joked about him but his wife and children were off limits.

  • Desus & Mero laughed it off, not thinking his anger was serious because the joke wasn't even that bad but the interview got worse and worse. They tried to apologize but Envy didn't think it was genuine and walked off the interview and never returned.

Source 2

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