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Celebrities react to students walking out of school in protest + election night!

- Students ALL over the country today walked out of school for 17 minutes today in support of gun control and the Parkland 17. A month ago, there was a mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, FL. The survivors have become activists and are not fucking around.

- It's official! Conor Lamb, Democrat, won in a heavy red district and beat out his opponent Rick Saccone. Both NBC News and NYT have called the race for Lamb. The district was +20 for Trump in 2016. GOP is now spinning it and make it seem like Lamb ran as a conservative even though that is not true. GOP is starting to shit the bed because they're scared of what might happen in November.

- It is also rumored that Trump wants to fire Sessions and replace him with Scott Pruitt, per two Republicans in contact with the White House. Pruitt would not have to recuse himself from the investigation unlike Sessions. These conversations CAN be used against Trump by Mueller's team.

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Tags: celebrity reactions, gabrielle union, house of cards (netflix), lin-manuel miranda / hamilton, politics, sophia bush, stephen king, zendaya

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