Who went home on ANTM? 24x10

The barely-there drama between Shanice and Jeana continues, with Shanice getting best photo last week and Jeana being in the bottom two. Jeana was annoyed that Shanice got best photo and that she's getting cocky now. Then, Jeana broke down in a confessional about how she went through foster care and was abused by foster parents, with the added stress of her alopecia. It's those things that make her so driven to do well in this competition.

"#IRL" is the theme of the challenge. Erin starts talking about how she needs to stand out, and how she pushed off her dream for her family and she needs to take advantage of this because time is not on her side. Law comes to the house to give them their challenge: to go to 3 castings for runway shows in downtown LA. They walk for Law and he critiques their outfits for the castings. He then split the girls into groups for the castings: Kyla, Erin, and Rio in one, and Jeana, Shanice, and Khrystyana in the other. One girl will get booked at each casting, and the same girl could get all three.

At one casting, Shanice identifies with the designer because her brother passed away, like the designer's grandfather had. At another casting, Erin goes over the top with her personality because Law told them to have a lot of energy and to Erin, the energy was dead in the casting. The designers were not amused at her presentation. The two groups collide at the third casting, and there's more bitching in confessionals between Shanice and Jeana. (seriously, when are we going to get REAL drama between the two?)

After the casting is complete, Law announces that the runway show is happening immediately. Jeana and Rio both stood out for two of the castings, but Rio booked both shows, Jeana's height being a drawback for one of the designers. Rio and Kyla stood out for the third designer, and Erin stood out as well but in a negative way because of her "extra" personality during the casting. Kyla booked the third show. The two winners also get to keep a look from each designer they walk for. During the show, Erin is frustrated because watching the winners, she thinks she could've done so much better.

When they're back at the house, Shanice asks Jeana and Erin if her walk is really that bad, because during Law's visit, he called it "nasty." Jeana tries showing her how she looks when she walks (in a constructive way, imo) because she's bow-legged but Shanice ofc doesn't appreciate being coached by her.

For the photoshoot, they shoot covers for Paper Magazine. The winner of ANTM will have that cover published digitally. Drew created a transformative look for each of them:

Kyla - cyber-sexy beauty
Khrystyana - dark slick androgynous
Jeana - bald beauty
Erin - 90s hip hop music video
Rio - 50s dreamgirl
Shanice - red-carpet ready (she gets a wig finally, since she couldn't get one for the makeover)

While Shanice is getting her wig, she keeps trying to tell the stylist how to change the wig. Once on set, Drew sends her back to hair and make-up because she doesn't look good (unclear if the stylist listened to her on the changes or not). They totally change her wig and outfit (and whole concept, but I never heard Drew give her another one to embody so idk) and then Shanice complains about having nude lipstick and asks for darker lips. Kyla also struggles because she's not clear on what character she's meant to embody.

At panel, Law asks Kyla how many boyfriends she's had, and then he says she needs someone to make love to her because he could tell she was inexperienced because of how she carries herself (...wow wtf Law). Then, Drew tears into Shanice for giving the hair and make-up stylists shit on set. Tyra then gives all the girls advice on how to make suggestions on set when you're new to modeling, saying they should talk like a baby to avoid coming off with a bad tone (lol).

Backstage, Shanice is upset about how the situation was misrepresented and says if she goes home, it's hair and make-up's fault (lol [2]). Kyla and Erin also express frustration with the competition and their critiques.

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The editing is getting so transparent with who goes home in the episode. [Spoiler (click to open)]Erin all of a sudden acting a fool and having tons of confessionals about how this is her shot? Yeah, she's toast.