'Walking Dead' Actor Mocks His Character's Exit

18-year-old Chandler Riggs, who played Carl Grimes on The Walking Dead for eight seasons, used a popular meme to make fun of the way his character was killed off (he was bitten by a Walker after stumbling, despite having fought and killed Walkers for years and having survived being shot twice - once in the face).

The photo mimics the "Coral" meme in which fans insert jokes to still photos of the scene where Carl's father Rick learns of the death of his wife Lori when he sees his son's grieving face:

TWD viewership dropped 21% for the week following Carl's death on the show, then fell even lower this week, proving that the first week's drop was not merely due to the episode airing opposite the Oscars.

Riggs responded to previous questions about his jabs at AMC and the show on social media regarding his character's death by saying "I like my jokes, but I'm not really bitter about it".

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