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Kendall Jenner gets candid on Vogue

After having intense anxiety and neck pains, she decided to pull back from work a little and focused more on riding horses, which calms her down. She’s committed herself to Transcendental Meditation to stay calm and collected.

Says she wants her private (love) life to stay private. Doesn't confirm dating Blake Griffin, but says she has someone in her life being very nice to her.

She's not gay, doesn't have a bisexual or gay bone in her body. She says she's always open to new experiences, but if she were gay, she wouldn't be hiding it. She says she has a very male energy.

Says it became ~cool to hate on her family, even though people don't think they suck, it's the trendy thing to do.

She wants to have kids around age 28/29. Says it's amazing to watch Kylie have a baby, and she's relieved she can finally talk about it.

Talks about the latest election, says it's very unmotivating. She sometimes doesn't want to get out of bed, and horrible things are happening all around. Talks about her Pepsi commercial. Says she didn't realize the ad was controversial because she has so many close black friends and no one really explained it to her, but she should've realized it.

Considering it's Kendall, this was an interesting interview.
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