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Ballet news roundup: Madonna, Dance Academy movie & engagement!

Welcome ONTD, to another post with a roundup of Ballet news.
We still haven't heard from NYCB about a new director but there are other news going around.

Probably because it opened a year after it opened in Australia, the Dance Academy movie was supposed to hit theaters in the US on March 2nd. A quick search on Fandango just 10 days later tells me no showings are available in most major cities, so I guess no one knew and no one watched it.

However, it will be available for purchase on April 3rd, so get those dvd/bluray copies if you want to see what Tara, Kat, Ben, Christian and Queen Abigail are up to.

If you watched the documentary First Position, you'd remember Michaela, the black dancer from Sierra Leone who had an incredibly difficult childhood at an orphanage. After First Position, Michaela grew into a professional dancer and is currently a Soloist at the Dutch National Ballet. Together with her adoptive mother, she wrote a book about her life, titled Taking Flight. Madonna was just announced as the director of a film adaptation (An ONTD post about that is here).

On an Instagram post, Michaela shared her feelings about working with Madonna:

Following his resignation from American Ballet Theater (amid an accusation of sexual harassment that was not made public or discussed anywhere in the media after that), Mareclo Gomes went quiet on social media. He first resurfaced last week to show sneak peeks at the new work he is choreographing for the Washington Ballet.
But on an Instagram post this weekend, he revealed his proposal to long time partner, Nick Palmquist.

Grateful you choose to share all of your sunsets with me @napalmquist

A post shared by Marcelo Gomes (@marcelua) on

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Thank you for coming to my Ballet posts ONTD
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