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The View reacts to Tillerson out & Mindy Kaling talks about A Wrinkle in Time

The View talks about the breaking news of the "firing" of Rex Tillerson. The Secretary of State will be current CIA director Mike Pompeo. The next CIA director will be Gina Haspel. Sara says that Rex was not toeing the company line. Sunny did not agree with Rex Tillerson. She liked the challenge. Meghan is saying that the Obama administration had too many liked minded people. Meghan v. Sunny almost happened.

Among other news, they talk about Hillary Clinton speaking in India. She talks about how Trump is taking the US backwards. The panel debates if the Clintons are harmful to the DNC. Sara says WHY ARE WE STILL TALKING ABOUT 2016? Former President Steve Bannon says that they should let them call people racists. Wear the word racist as a badge of honor.

Mindy Kaling does promo for "A Wrinkle in Time" while Bernadette Peters and Victor Garber promote "Hello Dolly".

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Tags: broadway / theatre, donald trump, mindy kaling, politics, television - abc, the view (abc)
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