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Eminem targets NRA in a rap, Big Sean gives mic to Stoneman Douglas student


Marshall, the "Kill You" rapper, added a verse to his song, "Nowhere Fast, at the IheartRadio awards.

"This whole country is going nuts, and the NRA is in our way," Eminem raps.

"They're responsible for this whole production, they hold the strings, they control the puppet.

"And they threaten to take donor bucks, so they know the Government won't do nothing and no one's budging."

Terrorist organization, NRA, wasnt the only one targeted in the verse.

"Gun owners clutching their loaded weapons, they love their guns more than our children."

Big Sean, handed mic to a survivor of Parkland to talk about March For Our Lives DC rally.

Also, if you cant get to a rally near you, Lyft is offering free rides to all rallies nationwide on March 24th!

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