9*1 INTERVENTION Mischa Barton denies crashing a U-Haul even with video evidence

Edit:sorry ya'll I know that stuf they said in this vid is kinda fucked up but its the only vid I could find with a source that wasn't banned

As many remember Mischa's incoherent meltdown seen above and run in with the law after crashing a U-Haul into an apartment complex. On March 12, it was reported that she has filed new documents in which she denies everything.

Even though there is video evidence....

Mishca was heard saying, "Oh, no, the whole thing looks like it's going to fall through." Off camera, she can be heard saying, "This is really bad."

"Everything I even own is in this U-Haul," she said. "What are we going to even do about this?"



Girl I am rooting for you to get help~

Mischa Barton's life theme song rn for realz~ Mazy Star - Into Dust.mp3