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Riverdale Roundup: More 2x15 Stills, SXSW, Paley Fest, and More

Toni takes a big step by accompanying Cheryl to the reading of Clifford's secret will and having to put up with what's sure to be a big bunch of crazy, classist, inbred Blossoms


The cast will be at Paley Fest so in preparation, they've been answering questions about their thoughts on their characters

Betty: At college studying journalism or English and hopefully being away from the drama
Josie: High school graduate. Hopefully a good relationship with her dad. Touring with the Pussycats
Kevin: Studying something really academic
Cheryl: At college just to network. Maybe law
Archie: Married with kids


Camila Mendes and Hayley Law were at SXSW to promote their new film The New Romantic about a young woman (Jessica Barden) who becomes a sugar baby in order to write a journalistic piece about it and because she's feeling dread about graduating. The film also features Brett Dier and Avan Jogia.


Casey Cott was also there as it seems both him and Camila were supporting a crew member whose film was premiering at the festival


Madelaine and her bf were at the I Heart Radio Music Festival

Still brought to you by Love, Simon
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