Writer/director Julia Hart talks about filming Fast Color with Gugu Mbatha-Raw

  • Fast Color is an indie film about a superhero on the run

  • Hart felt that male superhero films were destructive so she wanted to make a movie where a woman's superpower was creation

  • She felt her strongest when pregnant so she wanted to make a film where a mother was a literal superhero not a figurative one

  • Her and her husband watched Beyond the Lights and fell in love with Gugu. Calls her the most talented actress of her generation

  • Hart is white and she wrote the film to be non-race specific but thought casting Gugu and other black actresses to play her family added dimension to the film

  • Thinks that more casting needs to be colour blind in the sense they cast the best actor for the part and actually look at poc for roles that don't specifically demand it

  • Fast Color is currently playing at SXSW

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Yay for Gugu finally being in a good movie in 2018!