Lena Dunham never intended to be a perfect celebrity role model

- Just recently Lena has been criticized for defending a 'Girls' writer accused of rape, saying she hasn't had an abortion but wished she had, and rehoming her dog
- She describes the whole thing as ‘Lena Dunham apologizes for the 87th time’ and says that her feminist mother raised her to try, fail, try again, rethink the problem from the different angle, and grow
- Admits she doesn't have a skillset to make calculated decisions on how she comes across but instead makes it clear who she is, what she's capable of, and what her process is
- When she voices an unpopular opinion, she is either full of shame or cries ”Nobody deserves me, nobody deserves my truth”
- Thinks a big part of her 30s is moving away from the idea that she needs to have an opinion about everything and taking a moment before she speaks, to understand how she can be useful
- She was excited and grateful to be heard in her early 20s but now wants to slow down, think about how she can give other women the platform that was given to her, and how she can speak through her work