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ONTD Original: Villains who found redemption

Given the recent news that Daisy Ridley believes that Kylo Ren can be redeemed, it's time to take a trip down memory road of past Villains who got their redemption and some who are on their possible journey's towards redemption.

Name: Xena
Tv Show: Xena: Warrior Princess
Best Villain Moment: Attempting to kill Hercules, son of Zeus.
Road to Redemption: Xena spent numerous years as a Warlord, out to conquer the world but she had always been against killing women and children. Once her men turned against her for being soft, she spent the next 6 years righting her wrongs by helping innocents and ridding the world of the Greek Gods. She would end up sacrificing her life to defeat Yodoshi and save the souls of the people who died as a result of her actions.

Name: Regina Mills aka The Evil Queen
Tv Show: Once Upon A Time
Villain Moment: Demolishing an entire realm just to ensure no one could get their happy ending.
Road to Redemption: While Regina spent lord knows how long as The Evil Queen, ripping out hearts left and right and other imaginable things...once she adopted Henry her black heart started to turn red. Regina eventually joined the very people she tormented and helped save them countless times whether it be by helping to bring back Snow White and Emma Frost from the enchanted forest or sacrificing herself to save Henry and let go of her chance of true love.

Name: Spike aka William The Bloody
Tv Show: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Best Villain Moment: Spending the entirety of Season 2 trying to kill the Scoobies
Road to Redemption: Lemme just say this...I am not that big of a fan of Spike after S5 but the show still went him for redemption so he's here....now on with the show:
While Spike spent the first few years being a constant thorn in Buffys side, by the time Season 5 came around he became an ally that she trusted to help fight by her side. He protected her family from a Hell God, helped defend Sunnydale after Buffy died and after going out of his way to get a soul after attempting to rape Buffy, the show had him go a step further in his redemption by sacrificing himself in order to help defeat The First.

Name: Faith Lehane
Tv Show: Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel
Best Villain Moment: Poisoning Angel, help The Mayor ascend, steal Buffys life.
Road to Redemption: After all the chaos that Faith helped ensue upon the lives of Buffy and Angel, she turned herself into the police where she took full ownership of her past deeds as a villain. She eventually broke out of jail to help re-in soul Angel and help Buffy fight the war against The First.

Name: Karone aka Astronema
Tv Show: Power Rangers: In Space!
Villain Moment: Attempting to take over the Galaxy in the name of Dark Specter and trying to kill the Power Rangers.
Road to Redemption: When Astronema had found out that she had been abducted as a child, she started questioning her role as Astronema: Princess of Evil and sided with the Power Rangers. After she was re-abducted and brainwashed into helping kill Zordon and take over the world again, she was freed and went on to become a Power Ranger herself! Helping the Lost Galaxy crew fend off the forces of Trakena.

Name: Damon Salvatore
Tv Show: The Vampire Diaries
Villain Moment: Killing anyone and everyone close to Elena.
Road to Redemption: Once Elena turned into Sleeping Beauty, he helped the remaining Mystic Falls crew defend the town from whatever evil strolled in.

Name: Anya Jenkins aka Anyanka
Tv Show: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Villain Moment: Bring about mass vengeance for any scorned women by manipulating their wishes.
Road to Redemption: Once Anya failed at re-obtaining her powers to return to the life of being a Vengeance Demon, she joined the Scoobies in helping defend Sunnydale and the world from impending doom for the next 4 years. She gave her life in the battle against The First and was instrumental in helping defeat The Mayor and Glory.

Name: Hexadecimal
Tv Show: ReBoot
Villain Moment: Helping her brother take over Mainframe.
Road to Redemption: Hex was born a Virus so being evil was in her very genetic code! Despite this, her feelings for Bob helped her defend Mainframe once Bob had returned from The Web. Bob seeing the good in Hex caused him to plead for Phong to give her an icon. Once she helped defend Mainframe once more, she got turned into a full on Sprite! She sacrificed her life as a Sprite and goes viral again to help take out Super Virus Daemon. Hexadecimal then entered the Gateway Command and infected the entire Net with the cure, sacrificing herself, saving the Net and defeating Daemon.

Name: Zuko
Tv Show: Avatar The Last Airbender
Villain Moment: Sending his stans after me in this post
Road to Redemption: Making me add him to this post lol. But no...after many attempts at failing to kill and capture the Avatar, Zuko was shamed from his people and with support from his paternal uncle, General Iroh, and after much internal struggle and turmoil, Zuko rejected Ozai and his model of the Fire Nation. He instead joined the Avatar's group to become Aang's lifelong friend and firebending mentor.

Name: Loki
Movie: Thor
Villain Moment: Trying to enslave Earth and Asgard
Possible Road to Redemption: Loki's journey in the MCU isn't over yet so while he helped Thor fight against their sister, Hela to take back Asgard, his role in the Infinity War will truly tell if Loki will choose a life of good or a continued life of chaos.

Name: Earth 2 Dinah Laurel Lance aka Black Siren
Tv Show: Arrow
Villain Moment: Screaming The Vigilantes brains to mush and attempting to kill Team Arrow.
Possible Road to Redemption: While Laurel Lances doppelganger has lived a life of crime, her Earth-1 version of her father is fighting for Black Sirens soul. She has shown hesitation and regret for her role in murdering The Vigilante and is currently attempting to embrace the life of E1 Laurel Lance but the jury is still out on if she is a truly working for big bad Richard Diaz or playing double agent. The end of the season should show which side she chooses once and for all.

Name: Mirror-verse Phillpa Georgiou
Tv Show: Star Trek: Discovery
Villain Moment: Mass genocide to countless species in the Mirror realm and becoming Emperor of the universe
Possible Road to Redemption: Prime-verse Phillpa was dead but Michael still saw glimpse of her in her Mirror self. Mirror-verse Phillpa helped Starfleet succeed in winning the Klingon war but appeared that she was still up for causing mass genocide to win a war and thus Michael stopped her but allowed her to leave. Her actions in the Prime-verse are to be seen, will she attempt to take over the Universe again or help Starfleet in their ongoing journey?

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