Wannabe politician, Antonio Sabato Jr., lectures us all on guns and hollywood

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The actor running for congress appeared on The Ingraham Angle on Faux News to talk about the "hypocrisy" from hollywood on guns. (link to the vid interview if y'all can stomach it and giving faux news a hit

“These are the same people who thought Hillary Clinton was not only going to be president, but a good president,” actor Antonio Sabato Jr. told Chaffetz. “She left people to die in Benghazi. Let’s not forget that. We had the Academy Awards the other day protected by LAPD, armed bodyguards and guns all over the place.”

“The NRA has done more to protect people than Hollywood ever can, so let’s make sure people know the truth here,” he added.

Governor Rick Scott of Florida, enacted the bill.
*Raises the legal buying age from 18 to 21, but police officers underage can have them.
* No more bump stocks
* 3 day waiting period on all gun sales
*Makes it easier for police to confiscate if posing a danger to others
*Allows school staff to carry

Of course, the NRA is on a desperate streak and moves to sue the state, saying it "breaches the second amendment".

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