Elizabeth Hurley's Model Nephew Miles 'Repeatedly Stabbed' in London

Elizabeth Hurley's 21-year-old nephew, model Miles Hurley, was hospitalized on Thursday night after he and another 21-year-old man were stabbed repeatedly on a Southwest London street.

Reports about the attack are varied, with some stating that the two men were attacked by a group of men who got out of a vehicle and stabbed them before fleeing, and others saying that Miles was stabbed during an argument with a stranger that turned violent.

A source has said that the knife missed Miles' vital organs, but he remains hospitalized.

Liz immediately flew from the US to London to be at her nephew's side. Miles has said of his relationship with the actress: "I'm really close to my aunt and she's very supportive of everything I do."

Incidents of knife violence in the UK have been reported on with increasing alarm by the media since the Metropolitan Police last year cited a 24% increase in knife crime over the previous year.

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