Joey Lawrence Is Broke, Files for Chapter 7 Bankrupcy

-Former heartthrob Joey Lawrence and his wife have filed for Chapter 7 bankrupcy.
-His debts include $88,000 in back taxes, $132,000 in credit card bills, $32,000 for an unpaid loan, nearly $100,000 owed for automobiles and $54,000 in unpaid rent.
-In the docs, Lawrence said he only had $60 dollars in cash and $8,000 in the bank.
-He says his average monthly income is $4,166 and his wife is unemployed. He makes an additional $2,500 in residuals for a grand total of $6,966 in monthly income.
-The docs reveal Lawrence made $534,000 in 2015, but only $58,000 in 2016. Presumably, the drop in income was due to Lawrence’s television show, “Melissa & Joey,” ending in 2015 after five seasons on ABC Family.


How are your finances, ONTD?