BGT's Calum Scott Releases His Debut Album

Calum Scott, best known for his version of Dancing On My Own, released his debut album today, Only Human, where he sings about his struggles of coming out as gay after hiding it for a long time.
The singer, who just recently came out, talked about putting his struggles onto the album, saying
"The message people are getting straight away is ‘I am who I am. I’ve tortured myself enough about it. Now it’s time for me to be confident and accept it and be happy" he told Gay Times magazine, adding, “I was writing about my experiences of being gay, of hiding it away, of telling my parents, coming out to the press, the circumstance where I was abandoned..."

His struggles are reflected on songs like "If Our Love Is Wrong", where he sings "I don't know how I should say it/ In my mind is every word that they don't wanna hear/ I don't know how they might take it/ Why would I need their permission/ Skin and bones, I'm only human, it's in my DNA / Suffocating just to fit in/ ...If our love is wrong then I don't ever wanna be right".


The album is definitely worth a listen, ONTD. "If Our Love Is Wrong", "Hotel Room", "Good To You" and "GIve me something" are gonna get you in the feels.