Demi Lovato's Mom Gives Explicit Details About Losing Fingers to Abuse


Diana De La Garza went into extreme detail  telling the story of the abuse she suffered in her new book "Falling with Wings: A Mother's Story" Her story is an inspiring tale about a woman escaping abuse and improving the life of her children.

Demi Lovato has written two songs as well sharing her experiance with her biological father "Father" and "For The Love of a Daughter"

Please get help if you or anyone else is being abused
-Diana was thrown through the room by her ex-husband
-Thought Pat was going to lock her in the room so tried to get out and ended up getting her fingers smashed
-Her left hand was "sliced like a fruit" which caused the top of her pinkie and ring finger to fall off.
-Her ex-husband picked up her fingers and put them in the freezer
-Ex-husband claimed to the hospital that it was an accident
-Ex-husband pleaded for forgiveness from her
-Also aquired hairline fractures in her jaw
-Two months later she found out she was pregnant with Demi