Science Nerds Bill Nye and Justin "uh" Trudeau Talk Science Innovation

✦ When asked when they discovered they were fans of science, Trudeau responded, "the thing is that every single human being starts off as a scientist." His answer prompted Bill Nye to hit the arm of his seat in enthusiastic agreement.

✦ Trudeau talks passionately about Canada working towards being a nation that invests in young researchers and "discovery for discovery's sake".

✦ Both discuss how the benefits of science is a process and a strong approach to science is important; mistakes are allowed to be made and should not discourage since failure teaches more than success does.

✦ Touches on the importance of diversity and bringing in brilliant minds from all over the world. Bill Nye also adds onto the topic, "half the people are girls and women. So why don't we have half the scientists and engineers be women? [...] People with different life experiences just approach problems differently."

✦ Bill Nye always carries the Canadian $5 bill because "on the back of your money, you celebrate the space program."

"NASA is the best brand the United States have. People who hate the United States - which I can understand - still respect what NASA does because it has this vision, it has this idea that we can do anything, that we can solve any problem." -Nye

✦ Trudeau is questioned about the Kinder Morgan pipeline, "I've been to Fort McMurray, Alberta. It really is an amazing place in the most troubling way. But this pipeline, Kinder Morgan... if you don't mind, tell my colleagues [in the environmental community] in the States, tell us about the Kinder Morgan pipeline."

✦ Bill Nye's appearance was voluntary and unpaid.

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