SVU Promo for 19x16: Medical Malpractice

In next week's SVU episode, a surgeon harvests a dead girl's organs without consent. I can't make that synopsis funny, but I'm pretty sure that in the promo you can see Benson dramatically carrying a container labeled "HUMAN ORGANS," so the actual episode promises to be hilarious. Guest starring are Janel Moloney and Callie Thorne, so I'm moderately excited to be honest.

Source: youtube


ONTD, did you watch last night's big Carisi episode? Were you kinda bored, yet appreciative of the fact you were able to stare at Carisi's face for 45 minutes? Did that Barisi reference break your heart? Do you think Benson and the new ADA will hook up? Did that moment when the ADA flashed his abs instantly remind you that he's Shirtless Frank from Fringe? And how come Barba never took off his shirt? Answer my questions, ONTD!