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Riverdale 2x15 Extended Promo - "There Will Be Blood" and More

Milkshakes will probably be drunk but unfortunately, I doubt anyone gets bludgeoned to death with a bowling pin

FAMILY TIES — Fred's running for mayor, and this concerns Archie since he thinks his dad is the next pawn in the Lodges' game.

Meanwhile, Betty asks for Kevin's help in finding out what Chic is hiding (by being a honeypot???) because Chic is just creepy and being suspect as always. If my fave gets hurt, I'm ripping off her ponytail

Finally, Cheryl and Penelope are surprised when they learn that Clifford left a secret will which probably explains why Polly's back. Squirreled away some money for the incest babies!

Jughead finds out new shit in his quest to take down Hiram.

Directed by Mark Piznarski and written by Aaron Allen


-Vanessa is happy because Madelaine is one of her BFFs so it's exciting to share scenes and a storyline with her

-Toni isn't tricked by Cheryl's rough exterior so that's why Cheryl is able to lower her walls with her

-Vanessa thinks the whole stalking/gaslighting plot with Josie was "really random", doesn't know where it'll go, doesn't think it'll never be touched on again and was only used to hint that Cheryl's bisexual (Couldn't they have tried a LESS fucked up version that didn't destroy Josie's life then!??!!??)

-She's still playing coy about them officially getting together: "Maybe they'll end up being friends. Maybe they'll end up being more, who knows? But I think you can kind of tell by the end of that episode that Toni has -- you know, Cheryl is a beautiful girl and there is probably some attraction there. I think Toni is probably excited that she found that out and is thinking, "Oh, wow! She's like me. She can fall in love with a person's soul too ,and not just focus on gender." I think that really intrigues Toni, so whatever ends up -- be it a friendship or more -- I think that's really exciting for Toni to have somebody that she can relate to."

-Toni will get to hang around the girls more, and we'll see her softer side


"Honestly, the show does a good job of riling up the fans. That is kind of the charm of our show. As much as we can say it's frustrating when fans fight with each other and go to war about some of these ships—that's definitely not a healthy thing to do on the Internet—it also fuels the fire. It just shows how passionate the fans are, and how firmly they believe in their ship. And it's fun to watch, in a sense. They care, and they have their opinions. And I think [with this episode] it will kind of be that. It will be the fans deciding how they feel about it. And the way that it happens is very specific and not necessarily what the audience expects from what they saw in the trailer.

In the first episode we have Betty and Veronica kiss. That was kind of like, "Whoa, where did that come from?" And this kind of feels like that. It's the moment that's shock-worthy and will get everyone riled up, but it plays into the story of that episode. So I do think it does make sense within the context of the story, but it's not necessarily something I think the writers are trying to develop. I don't think there's a Vughead happening."

-Also, she gets in more hot water with her friends as they start to realize how complicit she is in her father's ongoing gentrification of the town

-She and Archie are also in this weird cycle where she wants to pull him out of her family stuff, but he's in deep with her dad and is drawn in by Hiram's dark power or something

so how about this return episode? BROUGHT TO YOU BY LOVE, SIMON!!
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