Marina, FKA Twigs, Florence, & Lana grab Supper

Marina cured our depression by blessing us with this holy gathering.

Captioned as: Women Forever 💘.

FKA Twigs stars in a new Apple Homepod commercial directed by Spike Jonze. Twigs comes home from a treacherous day, and escapes into her imagination. She is listening to Anderson .Paak's "Til It's Over".

She updated her FB cover image recently, and fans are speculating a 5/8 release date for LP2:

Florence recently collaborated with Lady Bird filmmaker Greta Gerwig for a W Mag shoot:

Rumors are a new album is coming this year, possibly around summer. The CEO of Virgin Records mentioned her as one of this year's releases. Her HB, HB, HB producer has spent a large part of 2017 working with her on the record. She also announced festivals in July, and a new book the same month.

Despite "taking a little break" from music following 2015's FROOT, Marina is beginning production on a record after writing for a year.

She posted this message recently:
"I’m working on a song I love so much," she posted on Instagram. "Haven’t even gone into production yet on what I’ve been writing for the past year but I’m almost ready."

Lust 4 Life on iTunes now!

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