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Britney Spears reportedly "angry" over Kevin Federline's request for increase in child support

• As previously reported, 559 Fresno Trash Kevin Federline is requesting an increase to his monthly $20,000 in child support to “recognize the sacrifices he has made because he has gone above and beyond what most people would do in this situation.”

Britney Spears has earned more than $137 million dollars in 4 years from her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood and KFed feels he's entitled to a bigger piece of that pie because according to the source, “Kevin thinks her success is in part because the boys have been in her life.”

• According the the source, “she’s angry Kevin is asking for more money because she pays for everything, those boys are her world. She is an amazing mother.”

• Spears reportedly ain't buying his reasoning and sees through him because he has four other kids to support and she feels she is having to pay for them as well.

• Britney's father ain't buying it either, adds the source: “Jamie isn't going to meet an outrageous demand. He knows how important the kids are to Britney and won’t allow her to lose them. Jamie has assured her this won’t become an issue.”

someone get KFed the classified ads.

ONTD, do you have a job?

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