Who went home on ANTM? 24x09

Tyra Mail says it's "time to make some moves," so they speculate it'll be a dancing challenge. Jeana talks about how she only trusts Rio in the competition, and they're best friends. Shanice talks about how she doesn't like either of them because Jeana talks about people and Rio's cocky. Throughout the ep, there's manufactured drama between Jeana and Shanice/Brendi K. with them just bitching about each other in talking heads for very little reason.

Ashley meets the girls for the challenge, where Jermaine Browne, a movement coach who has worked on Victoria's Secret fashion show and others, will help them learn to use their bodies while modelling. They're taught a routine and have to be photographed while doing it, and they'll be posing with and being lifted by Jermaine. Khrystyana is immediately nervous because "I'm a heavy girl, you don't lift me!!" (girl I feel this so hard omg). The winner will get to keep the sportswear outfit they're modeling in the challenge, and will get a VIP spa treatment with a friend. While the judges review the footage, Brendi K. complains about doing poorly in the challenge. The winner of the challenge was [Spoiler (click to open)]Jeana, but Shanice was also told she was at the top, so that naturally makes her mad, especially when Jeana picked Rio instead of the runner-up like Shanice claims she would have. (lol surejan.gif

When the girls get back from their spa day, the other girls are playing a game and shut them out when they ask what they're doing. Later, Brendi K. says she wants to go home, because the competition is really eating away at her. Erin points out that every time she gets criticism, Brendi K. shuts down, and she ends up breaking down and is still thinking about leaving after being comforted by Shanice and the others.

For the photo shoot, they're driven into the desert where they'll be shooting and moving with parachutes. Brendi K. is still talking about going home during hair and make-up. All of a sudden, there's a bunch of wind and the tents go flying, and Jeana is hit in the back of the head with a pole and gets sand in her eye. Shanice starts bitching about her "causing a scene" and accusing her of faking bc she didn't see her get hit. During the shoot, Jeana asked if she could take her shoes off since the gown was a mermaid style and totally covered her feet, so she had to stand tall even without heels.

At panel, Jeana looked short in her picture, and Drew told the judges that she took her heels off so she could move better (I can't believe they didn't get on her more for it...season 4 Tyra woud've ripped her to shreds). Brendi K. breaks down at panel and tells the judges she needs to leave for her mental health. Tyra announces that there's still an elimination even though Brendi K. left.

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