Review Embargo for "A Wrinkle In Time" Lifts and the Reception is Mixed

– The social media embargo for the film lifted on February 27th, but not everyone who went to Disney's screening shared their thoughts, the buzz quieted down. People have been unsure if that was a good or bad thing, since these days it could either secretly 100% mean it was bad and people are relucant to criticize the film bc Disney or be part of a hollywood conspiracy to convince people it's good.
– Reception has been mixed. While most agree the film is beautiful to look at, criticisms specify flat pacing and pathos, lack of cohesive story, and awkward transitioning between action and visual effect set pieces. Headline descriptors range between "Radiant Miracle", "Disappointment," and "Gorgeous and Well Intentioned Mess".
– Is currently at 51% on Metacritic and 44% on Rotten Tomatoes.
– The general take seems to be
it's a flawed but fun children's adventure film with an important heroine, one that Duvernay made to fill the space she didn't see for herself in science fiction and fantasy when she was young. Whether or not the film is for you extends from there.
– The film releases March 9th.

ONTD, are you going to see it? (the gif is here for no other reason then I think it's hilarious oprah looks like ansem from kingdom hearts)

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