queenb727 (queenb727) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Jeffrey Tambor Victim Says He Watched Her Sleep

- He told her he know what she looked like naked because he had watched her sleep before. He actually told her this during a conversation where she was trying to tell him to stop coming on to her.

- According to her, he would low-key threaten her job: "During job negotiation times, when we were getting ready for the next project, he would start making comments, about, ‘Well why haven’t we slept together?’

-On his punishment from Amazon: "Him being fired is just in a male-driven Hollywood. He brought this on himself, but they haven't completed the whole process of helping me stand back up on my feet," Barnes said. The former assistant said that she only came forward with her story to "identify" with others.

Tags: actor / actress, amazon, sexual misconduct, television

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