Youtuber drama roundup


*Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart are launching a Youtube talk show. This might be because Grace's channel has been suffering bc of the rise of new Youtubers. Will this show be as unmemorable successful as her E! talk show?

*Yikes, Tati's new scammer vitamins beauty line might mess with your birth control.

*The top 3% of Youtubers don't even make minimum wage from their videos. The vast majority don't even cross the poverty line.

*A vegan Youtuber is forcing her pet fox to go vegan.

*Advertisers are pulling out of human piece of shit Alex Jones's channel, even though YouTube will probably not delete it.

*Zoella is on the cover of Glamour magazine, talking about her relationship with Alfie and the release of her new book.


(Inspired by yesterday's posts from totteringg and lipsticktraces about Elijah and Christine getting into a Twitter fight and Tati scamming her viewers with bullshit vitamins.)

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