Director Josh Kahn has meltdown to criticism from Taylor Swift fans

After Diabla Blanca announced the next single Delicate off her album rePUTAtaion would be directed by disgraced music video director Joseph Kahn. Swifties were enraged and took their anger onto social media. Every Becky and MacKynzie halted their shopping excursion at Claires, took their phones out and posted demands that Kahn not fuck up Diabla Blanca's only tolerable song from her shitty album. Problematic Kahn retorted with:

Kahn was bombarded with tweets about the delicate video since then he has posted a slew of embarassing tweets. This is nothing new to Kahn who has posted disgusting and problematic tweets about his obsession with Taylor and the shooting at Parkland. Taylor who doesn't care who her fans bully is currently rehearsing for her poor selling Republican world tour.

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