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Drunk History Roundup: "Drunk Mystery" Ep tonight, Returns June 19 + How it's Made

The theme of tonight's episode of Drunk History is Drunk Mystery. It will feature Georgia Hardstark (of the My Favorite Murder podcast), Kyle Mooney and Alison Rich narrating, and Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons, Taran Killam, and Vanessa Bayer playing the historical roles. They will be discussing Agatha Christie's disappearance, the Circleville letters, and America's only unsolved airplane hijacking.

Drunk History will return for the rest of Season Five on June 19th, and has already been renewed for another season. Some celebs I spotted in the trailer: Justin Long, Tony Hale, Randall Park, Donald Faison, Rachel Bloom and Mae Whitman (At least I think, they are all shown very briefly and I will gladly take corrections).

For all the haters who think that they aren't actually getting drunk while filming Drunk History, here is a behind-the-scenes video from Nightline that shows otherwise. They have a medic, an oxygen tank (used to perk drunk people back up) and a breathalyzer on set.

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