Today on The View: Chelsea Clinton is interviewed & Amber Tamblyn is guest moderator!

Chelsea is on to talk politics and promote her new children's book 'She Persisted Around the World'. Topics discussed today!
-Stop worrying about Hillary and do your job (lmao)
-Gun control/Parkland shooting and the idea to arm teachers - brings up research on more guns = more gun violence
-Megan tries it with Chelsea asking what Republicans see in Trump with 85% approval rating that Democrats don't see but Chelsea shuts it down nicely.
-says Ivanka should be expected to answer any question about the White House because she works at the White House
-talks about why she highlighted JK Rowling and Brazilian soccer player Sisleide do Amor Lima in her book

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Did everyone see the interviews Sam Nunberg did yesterday? DRAMA. I was screaming in my car listening to him on MSNBC on my way home. Excited to hear that maybe Roger Stone's disgusting self is being dragged into this mwuahahaha