Teen Thirsts So Hard for Michael B. Jordan She Snaps Her Retainer and Goes Viral On the Internet

– Eighteen year old Sophia robb snapped her retainer by clenching her jaw really hard when she saw Black Panther in theaters. After noticing a tweet that went viral containing screenshots of the story on Tumblr, she zoomed in on the avatar and noticed it was her orthodonist sharing the story online. Buzzfeed contacted her after her tweet reached hundreds of thousands of likes.
– Sophia: "So it was the scene where Killmonger took his shirt off for the battle to become king of Wakanda. I pressed my tongue against my permanent retainer and clenched my jaw so hard that the wire disconnected from my teeth."
– She was scared she would embarass herself when explaining what happened but felt okay after she got to the office: "When I told them they laughed, obviously, but it was super sweet and of course it made a great story."
– Buzzfeed asked the orthodonist Robb if he'd breached any sort of confidentiality but he said he didn't reveal any horrifying details: "I think people who are like 'you exposed yourself' are hilarious because of course I did! It’s a funny story and I’m not embarrassed about it. If anything it speaks to how great of a movie Black Panther is."
– People have been laughing and reacting to Sophia's story, asking if she still plans on going to that orthodontist. "yes he's a real one."
– Sophia is biracial has seen Black Panther twice because it's amazing seeing a screen full of black actors.
"It honestly was worth breaking my retainer over."
– UPDATE: Jordan responded on his twitter below.

ONTD, do you have any #relatable thirst stories? Has anyone ever shared accounts about you online?

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