Youtuber Christine Sydelko calls out her former vlogging partner Elijah Daniel for scamming fans

Youtuber and enemy of Halsey, Christine Sydelko split with her vlogging partner Elijah at the beginning of the year. Elijah has been insisting that the split was mutual and that he needed more creative space to pursue his music, but Christine has made it clear that it was her decision.

She recently announced her upcoming merch launch on twitter and some of her fans were concerned about problems with order fulfillment they'd had when ordering merch from Christine and Elijah in the past. Christine responded to one of the fans.

Elijah explained that most of the orders were fulfilled and only a couple hundred people didn't receive any of their items so the thousands of dollars of ordered and ultimately unreceived merchandise isn't a major problem.

ONTD, do you expect to receive the products you pay for?