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R.L. Stine's "Return to Fear Street" Series Will Be Released Later This Year; Cover Art Revealed

* You May Now Kill the Bride will be released on July 24, 2018.

* from Goodreads:
Two sisters, divided by time. Each with a terrible resentment she can barely contain.

Two Fear family weddings, decades apart... Each bride will find that the ancient curse that haunts the Fears LIVES ON. It feeds off the evil that courses through their blood. It takes its toll in unexpected ways, and allows dark history to repeat itself.

* being marketed as "perfect for fans of Stranger Things".

* separate series from the Fear Street Relaunch which was a 6 book series with Thomas Dunne Books that ended in 2016.

* the second entry The Wrong Girl will be released September 25, 2018.


I like the cover a lot but I feel like they could've leaned into the retro*~ vibe a little more if that's what they were going for. I've been reading a lot of old Fear Street books, and they're so fun and relaxing.
Tags: 1990s, books / authors, nostalgia

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