Seth MacFarlane: "Another big problem with the Oscars: It’s 99% drama."

Seth MacFarlane took it to Twitter on Sunday night to mini-rant about some criticism he has for the Oscars.

Without a dash of the type of hostility we've grown accustomed to seeing in Twitter rants, Seth MacFarlane reasonably touched up on the pattern the Academy Awards follows with its lack of comedies nominated for Best Picture.

Bridesmaids was nominated under the Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Screenplay categories at the 84th Academy Awards. Though, his point still stands, and he even replied to people arguing that a movie like 'Bridesmaids' was not Best Picture material.

When asked by a follower what comedy has ever been "Best Picture quality", Seth responds with a pretty good list of examples:

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that horrid oscar performance that made me unstan aside, I definitely agree with him here tbh