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Tyler Hoechlin at GoodbyeCon in Milan

Walking #ThirstTrap Tyler Hoechlin attended GoodbyeCon 2018 (lolz idek) this weekend in Milan to the delight of many fans and his bank account. Alongside him at the panel was fellow Teen Wolf actor Daniel Sharman. A couple of highlights from the panel and more from the Hoechs below.

• Hoechlin said he would have enjoyed being a baseball player or an architect if he wouldn’t have ventured into acting.

• Explained that a little part of Derek (an any other character he plays) is in himself, thats why he can relate to them.

• Tyler on Sterek: he likes that the fans gave those two characters a new whole life.

• Did enjoy coming back to Teen Wolf to say goodbye to the show and Derek properly. But ultimately decided for personal and professional reasons to leave the show.

• Hoechlin would: Kiss Cora on the cheek. Kill Lydia. Marry Erica.

lemme help you out TyHo.

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