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Timothee Chalamet Is The Heartthrob We Need

- In 'Call Me By Your Name' scrawny, delicate-featured Chalamet had more sex appeal than a real-life Ken doll, Armie Hammer
- He single-handedly inaugurated a "revenge of the twink" era
- His type of masculinity is more emotional and nuanced and provides a much needed refuge from toxic masculinity
- He doesn't possess dangerous masculine qualities and feels like a safe space for women's desire
- After decades of watching beautiful actresses swooning over buff, aggressive suitors, we've come to accept misogyny and power exploitation
- For every progressive portrayal of masculinity, there's another "Fifty Shades Freed,” “Blade Runner” or “The Wolf of Wall Street”
- And most of the young actors could easily play quarterbacks: Ansel Elgort, Michael B. Jordan, Zac Efron, Daniel Kaluuya
- Chalamet has a universal sex appeal by being a European trilingual cigarette smoker but isn't the type of man women have been taught to like
- He defies traditional stereotypes by coming across as an earnest goof and not pretending to be a macho
- "During a time when women are grappling on a daily basis with the many ways that men have failed us, it’s at the very least comforting to dream of a better, Chalamet-filled future"

ONTD, are you willing to accept Tim O Tee as your official 2010s crush?

Are you?

My body is ready
Not today Satan

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