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New The Expanse S3 teaser

The show has been moved to 9/8c (from 10/9c).

Dom making sure to promote our fabulous three female leads

Showrunner Naren Shankar talks about adapting S3 from the book.

Some highlights-

[Spoiler (click to open)]
* When they started working on the show, Ty and Daniel were already on book 4 or 5, so they were looking at the characters a little differently, they're thinking of things the show brought up that they never really went into.

* Spoilers for book 3- [Spoiler (click to open)] Ashford will be completely different in the show than in the book. In some way, the show's adapting the books and the books are adapting the show, they're feeding off of each other.

* Talks about how SyFy and basic cable are in a tough business, they don't have subscribers like cable but also don't have the ratings of broadcast networks. He says SyFy has been extremely supportive partners who've let them tell the story the way they want to.

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The Expanse returns April 11th at 9/8c on the SyFy channel.
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