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In Rich People news: Amazon boss donates $42 mill to "never ending clock"

- While Amazon isn't taking money from NRA or storage employees, its boss (networth $123.8 billion dollars), Jeff Bezos throws money at things that might make a less rich person tap their chin in thought

- Bezos gave $42 million to the 1000 year clock, "A clock over 150-metres tall, designed to run for the next 10,000 years, will one day be installed inside a mountain in west Texas. This is the defining project of the Long Now Foundation, a non-profit that wants to “help make long-term thinking more common”. The idea was introduced by inventor Danny Hillis in 1995, who envisaged a clock that ticks once a year, with a hand that moves once a century and a cuckoo that appears once every 1,000 years."

- No news yet on Elon Musk claiming the clock for his next space send-off.

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I know that everyone should be free to decide what to do with their money blah blah, but can't help but wonder what a small health care or educational organisation could do with $42 million. ONTD, are my views too socialist and do you appreciate a billionaire giving money to clocks in Texan mountains?
Tags: amazon, science, slow news day

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