MoviePass Reinstating Ticket Stub Photo Requirement For Some Users

MoviePass, the service that allows you to see one movie per day for a low monthly (or yearly) cost, is reinstating an old policy that requires users to upload a photo of their ticket stub. You will need to give MoviePass access to your photos in order to do this. Until you upload the photo, you will not be able to purchase another ticket. This used to be a requirement before the price drop, but hasn't been in effect for months.

Edit: It seems like this is in beta (for now), so you will only be prompted to do this if you receive the email.

The email also mentions double-checking that showtimes are "available" before heading to your theater.

This is concerning to OP because that if you look at showtimes for Red Sparrow tonight (in the SoCal area), most are greyed out despite being regular 2D showings, whereas Death Wish is fully available. Is MoviePass going to start limiting inventory for certain 2D showings, or is this a glitch?

Source: OP's Screencapped Email from MoviePass

With hundreds of thousands of customers and basically no customer service, surely this will go smoothly! Oh, and the app is down right now, in case you were planning on a movie night - look at their twitter mentions for a lot of angry people. Looks like the app is back up for now.