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I’ll be your favorite worst mistake.

YouTube restores ads on Logan Paul's channel

Last month, YouTube suspended all ads on Logan Paul's videos after he uploaded a video of him showing a dead body while wondering in Japan's Aokigahara forest, posting a video of him tasering dead rats, and for joking to his followers about the Tide Pod challenge (in a now deleted tweet: he said he would eat a tide pod for each retweet, a dangerous and stupid challenge where social media users record themselves eating laundry detergent packets).

• After 18 whole days, YouTube has restored ads to Logan Paul's YouTube channel.

• Despite ads being enabled once again, he remains on a 90 day probation which means his channels cannot be featured on the site's trending tab and content cannot be included in non-subscriber notifications.

• He is still not eligible for Google Preferred, a designation that helps advertisers identify top-performing channels.

• Somehow despite all of this, none of it violated YouTube's "three strike" policy according to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcick. surejan.gif

• The inbred looking Logan Paul has over 16 million subscribers.

Tags: internet celebrities, nobody, scandal, who asked for this

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