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Excerpts From Demi Lovato's Mom's New Book

Bascally the first few pages:

-Blah Blah Jesus Blah Blah

-After about two pages of that she gets to the good stuff
-Mentioned that Patrick Lovato closed a door so hard on her finger that it fell off.

-She would wait till 2 am to see if Demi actually got home at night
-Talks about finding Demi in her bed with a bloody towel. (I assumed from cutting?)
-Basically shrubbed it off because she was in such a hurry to bring Queen Juanita to the DHS set.(doubtful)
-Got ha a life coach~

-Gets a text message from Demi about the dancer incident and then proceeds to have about a 3 page or so meltdown.
-On the phone Eddie is not pleased(cause he has neurons left) and the "cool mom"over here  basically wants to throw another fix ya life in 7 steps at it. Cause Demi be paying for that botoxxx.
-Blah blah blah god blah am I good mother? blah I got botox blah my lifeeeee ec.
-Diana went to TK for Xanax,ED and Depression

-Also says Demi's friend Trenton died in a Halloween prank gone wrong?( lik wha?..is that a bible thumpers nice way to say suicide orr..)

Full book out March 6!


This post was brought to you by !!Kween Jaunita Solis!!....and none for dollas lavato
Tags: books / authors, demi lovato, desperate housewives (abc)

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