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Love, Simon is getting positive reviews

Love, Simon” - an American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Greg Berlanti and based on the novel Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli has started getting reviews and so far...they're positive. The LBGT film stars Nick Robinson (Melissa & Joey), Josh Duhamel, and Jennifer Garner and opens this month on March 16th 2018.

Variety: “At a cultural moment when it matters so much for audiences to see themselves represented on screen, "Love, Simon" broadens the spectrum to include those who are questioning their sexuality.”

The Guardian: “Love, Simon won't be short of critics (and many of them will be adamant that its story is either unimportant or, gasp, amoral) but within its sleek studio skeleton, there's genuine heart.” Rating: 4/5

The Hollywood Reporter: “It's an expertly carved chunk of cheese. But taken on its own, limited terms, Love, Simon is also a charmer - warm, often funny and gently touching, tickling rather than pummeling your tear ducts.”

Slant: “Greg Berlanti's charmingly heartfelt film is a remarkably successful attempt to give shape to the experience of the closet by drawing an incredibly intimate portrait of a teenage boy about to leave it behind.” Rating: 3/4

FleshFiction: “Not only would this make John Hughes stand up and cheer, its honesty and tenderness are destined to leave a lasting legacy.” -A

IndieWire: “Love, Simon deserves celebration as a groundbreaking achievement from a major studio. Berlanti’s gay Midas touch has ushered in countless LGBT characters to television, and his film venture is no less significant. The cast is notably diverse. It’s too bad that the movie isn’t as vibrant, funny, and entertaining as the community it wishes to represent — but it’s a start.” B-

Refinery29: “But Love, Simon's greatest triumph is that it manages to highlight the small ways in which even the most accepting and open-minded among us can make coming out difficult, even in 2018. It's in the small, almost absent-minded put-downs, like when Jack (Duhamel), the same man who sweetly — if ineffectively — wants to commemorate his love for his wife with a romantic slideshow, casually calls the Bachelor's behavior "clearly gay." It's a happy coincidence that the film will be released in theaters only weeks after the reboot of Queer Eye hit Netflix to wide acclaim. That show also features a man hesitating about how to come out to his stepmom, worried that to do so would change their relationship. It's easy to assume that these issues are a thing of the past, especially in more liberal circles, and a difficult balancing act to nail: dramatize things too much, and you risk de-normalizing gay teenagers; make things too easy, and you minimize the significance of coming out. Love, Simon toes the line, and the end result is well worth watching.”

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