THR's Honest Oscar Ballot in a nutshell: #MeToo & Time's Up don't make a damn of a difference

Usually when I post these anonymous Oscar voter's ballots, they're stupid or funny, and I'll give them a proper breakdown. Not this one. THR finally rolled out their first of many honest Oscar ballots - from a straight, white, male film producer - and honestly, this really says it all:

On their choice for Best Actor: [Darkest Hour's] Gary Oldman was so good that I don't care if he hit his wife with a telephone. I hate when people use words like "transformative," but what they did to make him look like Churchill and what he did in that role can only be described as that.

They also hated CMYBN, thought Spielberg went overboard with The Post, and loved The Shape of Water and Darkest Hour (but thought 3 Billboards was garbage with great acting). Went with Sally Hawkins ('fucking brilliant'), Willem Dafoe, and Allison Janney ('a slightly different level' than the other nominees).