Disney is bringing toys back to McDonald's Happy Meals

• The partnership comes more than a decade after Disney severed ties with McDonald's.

• The two companies parted ways in 2006 when childhood obesity rates were rising and there was widespread concern over children's meals at fast food restaurants.

Earlier this month McDonald's said that it was making changes to their Happy Meals to offer selections that were lower in calories, sodium, saturated fat and sugar.

• Because of these changes, "all Happy Meals offered on menu boards in the United States will be in line with Disney’s industry-leading nutrition guidelines."

• The first Disney-McDonald's promotion will happen in June with Incredibles 2 (in theaters on June 15), followed in the Fall by Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 (in theaters November 21).

ONTD, what's your favorite throwback McDonald's toy?

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