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ONTD Original: The Best Moments from Episodes of Schitt's Creek | Part II

After a two-week hiatus (due to the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games) Schitt's Creek returns tonight with a brand new episode on CBC in Canada 🇨🇦. That episode will air tomorrow in the United States on Pop. To celebrate the return of the second half of the season, I present to you Part II of this Original. Let's take a look at more of the best moments from the show. From Alexis' first day of high school to David and Roland shopping at the Blouse Barn for "non-skanky" clothing...there's still plenty of highlights to go through. But wait, there's more! Tonight after an all new episode of Schitt's Creek, fans were treated to somewhat of a surprise. Don't want to spoil it for those in the United States or people who haven't seen S04E06 yet. So to see what tonight's surprise was, click here. Nothing major that will ruin any plot, but yeah. It's sweet. Alright, shall we proceed?

Best Moment from S02E01 - "Finding David"
"We've spent two sleepless nights wondering what would happen if nobody came. Would we be stuck with him?"
David does a number on an Amish family and teaches them the art of restraint. 😂

Episode Description: While the family searches for the missing David, Alexis takes her relationship with Mutt to the next level while still technically engaged to Ted.

Best Moment from S03E07 - "General Store"
Alexis' first day of High School to complete her GED.
"I think you're brave!" -David to Alexis

Episode Description: When David contemplates starting a new business in town, Moira uses her seat on Town Council to protect her son’s interests. Alexis discovers high school isn’t as easy as it used to be. Johnny reluctantly offers romantic advice to Ivan, the hapless baker, in return for help with the motel’s continental breakfast.

Best Moment from S04E04 - "Girls' Night"
"You made me pick between two Sandra Bullock vehicles." -Patrick
"And you picked The Lake House which was the correct choice." -David

Episode Description: Alexis and Twyla go out for a girls' night; David gets a lesson on compromise.

Best Moment from S03E09 - "The Affair"
"Um, I'm sure you're very excited about all the new words you're learning
in your high school Intro to Business course.
" -David to Alexis

Episode Description: Moira and Roland find themselves in a compromising situation. Alexis drives a wedge between David and Patrick.

Best Moment from S03E04 - "Driving Test"
"It's fine."

Episode Description: As the new owner of the motel, Stevie is in over her head, and Johnny and Moira employ different strategies to discourage Stevie from selling. Meanwhile, Alexis drives a stressed-out David to his driving test, and Alexis finds herself in the unusual position of coaching her older brother.

Best Moment from S02E04 - "Estate Sale"
David and Roland go shopping at the Blouse Barn! David thinks the clothes are "skanky."

Episode Description: Moira and Johnny try to acquire a mattress at an auction but end up competing with the mayor and his wife for it. They give up when it turns out they can't afford it. The mayor quickly pawns off the mattress to them after it doesn't have enough bounce for he and his wife's lovemaking. David takes the mayor to shop for fetish clothing for his wife, and ends up insulting the clothes there. After Mutt gets Alexis a bicycle she is ashamed to admit she can't ride it.

Best Moment from S01E07 - "Turkey Shoot"
"Now it's hiding somewhere in the darkness waiting for nightfall." -David about a bug

Episode Description: David's inability to kill an insect in his room inspires Stevie to invite him to the town's annual turkey shoot. Meanwhile, Jocelyn invites Moira to a day out at a beauty salon. Ted, the veterinarian, asks Alexis out on a date.

Best Moment from S01E03 - "Don't Worry, It's His Sister"
"Is this the real sign or the joke sign?"

Episode Description: Johnny tries to have the offensive town sign removed; Moira has one of her periodic emotional crises after reading nasty things about herself on the Internet, and Johnny places Alexis in charge of taking care of Moira until the crisis passes; Moira accepts Jocelyn's invitation to discuss acting with the students at the elementary school; David searches for a job.

Best Moment from S04E11 - "Little Sister"
*Aunt gives Alexis and David $100* "Oh my god, oh my god. I missed you so much." -Alexis

Episode Description: Moira's estranged younger sister pays a surprise visit. Meanwhile, David agrees to talk to a student in Jocelyn's class about being 'different'.

Best Moment from S02E13 - "Allez-Vous"
David! We have guests! You were supposed to have cleaned up all these quality products!"

Episode Description: Moira receives a package from an old friend which turns out to be a starter kit for a multi-level marketing cosmetics company. She and David arrange a demonstration in her motel room. Meanwhile, Johnny tries to apply for unemployment and has trouble finding reliable transportation. Alexis thinks Ted is too nice a person.

Best Moment from S03E11 - "Stop Saying Lice!"
Alexis contracts headlice.

Episode Description: Alexis contracts head lice from the high school which spread into the motel. Moira opposes having a public garden named after her.

Best Moment from S03E01 - "Opening Night"
"A toast!"

Episode Description: Johnny struggles to get a new business venture off the ground while dealing with unwelcome competition at Bob’s Garage. Moira makes a splash at her first Town Council meeting, but quickly encounters roadblocks from the other councillors. Meanwhile, David and Stevie are shocked to learn that their romantic lives are intersecting. Alexis receives a generous offer from Mutt, but has to deal with Mutt’s new girlfriend.

ONTD, thoughts on tonight's episode?

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