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Smashing Pumpkins tour & merch updates

Have you bought your tickets to The Shiny and Oh So Bright tour? You haven't? Well, neither has anyone else, it seems. The Smashing Pumpkins have seen some absymal sales in Saint Paul, Sioux Falls, Salt Lake City, Pittsburgh, Omaha, and Detroit.

It could very well be a mix of:
1. No one cares
2. Billy's ego thinking they could sell out an arena tour at high prices
3. Radiohead tickets going on sale the following day

This OP can confirm that prices dropped just eight hours after the tickets went on sale.

That being said, Chicago and Los Angeles sold out so quickly, that the band has since added second dates for those cities. And many other cities are selling ~okay~ and could almost be sold out by the time the tour starts in July.

In one final ploy, the band also announced that the official tour shirt on their website. While supplies last!

Source 1 / Source 2 / Source 3

ONTD, have you ever been to a poor-selling concert?
Tags: concert / tour dates, flop, music / musician (rock), reunion

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