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“I did sit-ups before bed as my prayer to Godney” - LIZ Interviews with SheBops

- LIZ, promoting double singles Could U Love Me/Queen of Me, talks experience in the industry
- Discussing ageism and how labels won't invest in women past 25: "Are we like expired fruit when we turn 30? Honey, I get my glycolic peels every month, work my butt off in pilates, and pop my birth control religiously. This bitch ain’t slowin' down anytime soon."
- Talks about how Britney Spears inspired her to be an artist by lip syncing to her songs, imitating outfits, and taking a master class with Britney's choreographer when she was young
- Would like to [officially] collab with Rina Sawayama, Charli XCX, Tommy Genesis, and Yaeji
- Tells us 'Could U Love Me' went through 5 different versions before the final, Miami-Bass version we are familiar with (I'm glad the Chainsmokers-lite version she performed live was scrapped #GodIsReal):

Underrated cross-genre, pop mixtape masterpiece 'Just Like You' was released on February 27, 2014. #JusticeForLiz

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