The STD that keeps most contestants off of The Bachelor

*Bachelor Nation, a new behind the scenes book by LA Times writer Amy Kaufman out March 6th, details some of the pre-selection process on The Bachelor.

*Contestants are asked questions about things such as if they have ever experienced out of body experiences, could they kill someone, do they think they can control things with their mind.

*The show claims the contestants undergo a rigorous background psychological testing and anyone appearing imbalanced is eliminated, but we've all seen the show.

*The contestants also undergo medical tests, including tests for STDs. Anyone with an STD is immediately eliminated. Herpes is the most common STD that gets contestants eliminated. In many cases, the first time they are hearing they have herpes is from a Bachelor producer.


How dare this book come out the day *after* the most dramatic finale in the history of The Bachelor so we can't discuss it in the viewing thread????