Julia Taylor (holyfrijoles_2) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Julia Taylor

Armie Hammer Goes After Journalist Anne Helen Petersen

ICYMI: Anne Helen Petersen wrote a ~hotly debated~ article questioning why Hollywood keeps trying to make Armie Hammer happen a few months back, resulting in him flouncing off of twitter.

Today, Anne Helen Petersen wrote a series of tweets, in NO WAY criticizing Jennifer Lawrence herself, but rather the writing of a really boring/bog standard female celeb interview she did for Vanity Fair where she's praised for being real because she picks up her dog's poop instead of making her BFF Laura do it. Which for whatever reason led to this exchange (3 months and 1 day since the Buzzfeed article was originally published btw) as captured by LA Times jounalist Amy Kaufman:

Also note she in no way mentioned Armie's name, or tagged him in anything. So he just decided to do this.

Sources: Anne Helen's Tweets, Orignial Buzzfeed Article + ONTD Post 1 & 2, Amy Kaufman Screenshot
Tags: actor / actress, attention whore, celebrity social media, men are weak, pr training needed
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